Computer Network Integrators (CNI), a consulting and service company, can help you get the most out of today's technology. Whether your requirements are related to software, hardware, networking or designing and hosting a web site to put your business on to the Internet, CNI can help. Our consultants, which average more than 20 years of technical / software experience, can assist you or your company with your Internet needs.

Internet Services

Custom Application Design

Database Design

Systems Architecture Planning & Review

Application Design & Code Review

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Internet Services
CNI has the capability to help you to get your business on to the Internet. Everything from WEB Site/Page Design, to the publishing and Hosting of your WEB Site. As E-Mail blasting has gained in popularity as a marketing tool, CNI has developed methods of tracking your Internet Marketing Campaigns from the message blast through the product order. Our custom reports will provide you with all of the necessary details to analyze your Internet Marekting efforts.

Custom Application Development
CNI consultants possess backgrounds in both general business and software development. They create elegant, well-rounded applications built to maximize productivity. They have developed hundreds of custom applications for companies like yours. After working with your staff to define system requirements, they will design and implement a custom software system tailored to your organizations evolving needs.

Database Design
CNI consultants have extensive experience in turning data models into physical database designs. Their experience with database products allows them to design high-performance, reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to expand applications in an efficient and timely manner. Use today's internet technology to make your applications globally accessable.

System Architecture Planning & Review
Design flaws and deficiencies become more difficult and expensive to correct as the development of a system progresses. CNI works with your staff to ensure that complex applications are designed correctly from the start. This means you can go from concept to productivity in a much shorter time span.

Application Design & Code Reviews
CNI can provide an analysis of your existing computer and application environment. This extensive review - and subsequent implementation of recommendations, will help you obtain the maximum benefits from your system.

Annual Maintenance/Support Packages:
On-Site Labor Only
X-Hours / month - (Billed Annually, [monthly billing slightly higher])
Hours exceeding X, billed at reduced hourly rate
Priority Response (usually same day, not to exceed 1 business day)

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